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SharePlus, your SharePoint data in your hands.

Sync your favorite SharePoint lists and libraries automatically and take them with you in your iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch. Work with them on the go, and sync back to SharePoint when online.

SharePlus is a "UNIVERSAL APPLICATION" = Buy it once and use it in all your iOS devices with a single purchase!

Collaborate with your team, sharing documents, calendars and tasks lists right from the meeting room, a taxi, or when out visiting a client, regardless of where that client is, and what network connectivity is like at his location. Browse and edit documents, discussions, announcements, InfoPath forms, reports, wiki pages and custom lists. Capture images, video and audio directly from your device into SharePoint.

SharePlus will work with your current SharePoint credentials, so you won't have to ask for special permissions to use it. SharePlus doesn't also require any server side components.

Among SharePlus features are:

● Add, edit & delete list items, supporting Calendars, Tasks, Pictures, Contacts, Custom Lists, Discussion Boards, Documents and External List.
● Picture Management: Add pictures to rich text, and hyperlink fields automatically, from your album or take a new photo with the camera.

● Send/Receive documents from/to 3rd party applications using the "OPENIN" feature. Received documents are sent to the list they were edited from, or they are staged in a "Local Files" folder, and may be attached to any list item, or used to update any document.
● Full CONTENT TYPE support.
● Check In/Check Out & Approve/Reject support.
● Integration with Quickoffice Pro HD and Office Web Apps.

● Select the lists and/or views you want to store locally.
● OFFLINE SYNC runs on the BACKGROUND copying list contents, including attached documents.
● Add, Edit and Delete items while off-line, and resync when back on-line, with collision handling.

● GRID VIEW: Display your list/library content as a grid with columns, to quickly visualize all its metadata.
● Calendar MONTHLY VIEW.
● PICTURE BOARD: Quickly browse Picture Library items in a thumbnails view.
● SORT AND GROUP: Customize the way your data is displayed by sorting and grouping items (MULTI-COLUMN support).
● Views Support: Browse data by view, respecting server defined list views, with ordering and filtering settings.
● List & Site Search: Search within lists, and sites online and offline.
● PDF VIEWER: Read large PDF files with a built-in reader, navigating by page or using pdf bookmarks.

● Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 (WSS 3).
● SharePoint 2007 & 2010.
● OFFICE 365 (BPOS included).

● Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) support.
● CLAIMS-BASED authentication support (Windows and Forms).
● Custom WEB LOGIN forms.
● CLIENT CERTIFICATE Authentication support.
● Microsoft ISA Server and Microsoft Forefront (TMG and UAG) support.
● HTTPS SSL Support: Supports self-signed SSL certificates.

● DATA PROTECTION: Your local data is protected using the built-in hardware encryption system.

● WIFI DOCUMENT SHARING: Exchange files to any computer or device using a web browser.
● Video and Audio RECORDING.
● INFOPATH form libraries.
● REPORTING SERVICES report libraries.
● LOCATION SERVICE: When adding or editing an item, you can get your current location to be used as column value.

SharePlus also offers an Enterprise version. Among SharePlus Enterprise features are:

★ Enterprise Search + Profile Detail
★ Advanced Search for Lists
★ Rebranding
★ In house deployment
★ Connection configuration sharing
★ Multi factor authentication
★ Custom Features & Features trimming
★ Premium Customer support

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